We provide Structural Insulated Panels for the DIY'er who would like to tackle building a tiny home, shed, pool house, cabin, AirBNB or a family vacation home, but does not have the knowledge to build with traditional wood framing

About our Shed and Tiny Home Kits

Metal Structural Insulated Panels

Our tiny home shed kits are made from metal structural insulated panels, or SIP's. Created by laminating a rigid foam insulation core (ESP, expanded polystyrene) between two sheet metal surfaces, SIPs provide thermal control, and a substantial reduction in air leakage vs. traditional stick framed walls with cavity insulation. Since these are made with sheet metal, which helps provide dedicated moisture management. Unlike SIP's made from OSB, there is no need for exterior cladding to provide bulk water protection as well as the finished appearance.

Unlike wood SIP's which provides R-4 insulation value with 4 inches thick, our steel SIP's have a thicknesses of 3 inches, which provide approximately R-20 insulation values with no thermal barrier. SIPs are factory-built units and can be manufactured in varying sizes up to 14' 6" in length without additional structural supports. They also contribute significantly to a reduction in job site labor vs. stick-built construction.

Our steel SIP's are designed for individual projects who are looking to save an estimated 75% over the cost of building a traditional stick framed tiny house or shed. In addition to structural exterior walls, our steel SIPs are used for the roof and can be used for the floor as well, which helps provided a more efficient insulated tiny home home with less energy use to heat and cool. These kits can also be used to add an addition to the house and garages. For owners and builders, steel-skinned SIPs offer an exterior envelope that’s 15 times more air tight than traditional construction. They also provide a noise barrier, making them quieter than many other materials.

Our steel SIP's are lighter than traditional OSB panels and they require no crane for installation. They are also termite, mold and rot resistant. Our kits are very easy to assemble and a typical build only takes a few hours to assemble with just a skill saw, screw gun and a level, resulting in a significant reduction in labor time and cost.

Explore Available Sizes

From 120 square feet and larger.

If you are looking for something that offers roof for a full bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room with plenty of space at 448 square feet and larger. Get 13ft or 14 1/2ft walls to add a loft. Sizes and Prices available here:


Small units are perfect for that guest room, home office or maybe an AirBNB. You can add a small bathroom and Kitchen.

Any of the units between 200 and 400 sqft are perfect for a Airbnb, ADU unit or even the mother in-law home. Bathroom, kitchen and other rooms could be added to these. CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION